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I’d been here once with some friends earlier. We were hungover after a late night out and felt like a good strong English breakfast. Long story short, the breakfast was terrible here to the extent that they didn’t even have fresh fruit juice. Just the canned stuff. Moving on, another friend of mine who’s a regular at Ruci and Idoni said they’ve really got good lunch so I decided to give it another shot.
The place was surprisingly crowded for a weekday afternoon and terribly noisy, but it added to the whole Bistro feel and we weren’t complaining (yet). We found ourselves a table tucked away in the corner a little away from all the noise, but the disadvantage was that it was tougher to get the waiter’s attention easily. Now the first thing I noticed as I usually do, was that the cutlery was filthy. There were so many stains on the glasses, it looked like a polka dotted design. We got them all changed. This one particular waiter was pretty slow on the uptake and mechanically said things like ‘excuse me sir’ but didn’t really understand simple instructions like ‘bring us the menu’ or ‘can you call the chef please’. With some effort and hand signals, the chef came over. He was exceedingly polite and well-spoken and suggested that I try the honey mustard glazed Murrel, which I readily agreed to. My friend felt like having some soup and salad and he was quick to remember her favourites from her last visit (she’s a regular here). I did mention to the chef that I was lactose intolerant, but sadly he didn’t hear me or misunderstood me, cause he sent two bowls of steamy creamy chicken garlic soup. It was downright delicious, but I couldn’t have more than a few spoons cause then I’d start feeling queasy. Never mind, the taste was worth it.
A couple of points about the decor and design of the place now. Ruci and Idoni is superbly well lit and it was bright and cheerful throughout the restaurant. The rest room was a disaster with the dust bin laying on its side and loads of used and crumpled hand tissues all over the floor. I had to avoid them carefully as I made my way to use to the loo. Ugh. Terrible. I already said how dirty the cutlery was, but it was replaced without hesitation.
Now on to food. My friend’s salad got to the table really quick, and she finished her entire watermelon feta cheese salad even before my Murrel came to me. This was disheartening. I watched her eat and finish her salad while I twiddled my thumbs and chatted on my phone. I did manage to take a picture of her salad and it was pretty neat. The presentation was good, the quantity was satisfying, and she really enjoyed it.

The rocket lettuce was super fresh and crunchy. Wow. Nicely done Mister Chef Naresh! We did tell the staff about bringing the mains together so that we could have both eaten together. Few restaurants appreciate the subtleties of eating together, and one of them is understanding when to serve what. They apologized. This Murrel better be good I thought to myself. Then it came.

Words cannot describe how happy I felt eating that dish. My appreciation for the effort and care gone into making that dish knew no bounds. Every mouthful was worth it, right from the lettuce, which was fresh, crunchy, and clean, the olives added just a little bit of flavour to the veggies, the salad and spaghetti with the fish was just right in taste and quantity, and boy oh boy the murrel itself was tantalizing. I thanked the chef profusely for serving the best damn dish I had eaten in a long long time in a Hyderabad restaurant. All their little faults were forgiven with that one main course. The chef also informed me that I was the first person to order that dish from their new menu (launched just that day!) so I felt special there too. I’d love to go back and try their other dishes too. Just please keep your cutlery and rest room clean and I’ll be one happy regular at Ruci and Idoni Bistro!


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