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Price for two – Depending on how much you can eat, anywhere between Rs 150 to well…anything.

Welcome to the ghetto is what the restaurant should have been called. Cause that’s where The Chef is. The ghetto. And I love it. Not the ghetto, but The Chef. Dig this, 4 people can stuff themselves silly at this place, for under 500 Ruppees. Now that my friends, is value for money. And guess what? No worms in your stomach either!

The story began when some kind office folk asked me if I wanted to eat Pork. Hell yeah I said, and off we trudged to this mysterious restaurant. The roads got thinner, and thinner, and thinner. The apartments got smaller, and smaller and smaller. The pot holes got bigger, and bigger, and bigger. I wondered if I’d get mugged along the way, but I was assured that Chef was so cheap, even some spare change would do. Very reassuring indeed. The restaurant itself is about the size of a bed room, and a small one at that. But since when did size matter? A tiny north eastern man wiped a table with a raggedy ass cloth, and then proceeded to wipe the drinking water glasses with the same cloth. But since when did cleanliness matter? A small boy came and threw a menu on our table. But since when did child labor matter? The menu read “Tibetan and Chiness Causing” (Tibetan and Chinese Cuisine I guessed). But since when did spelling matter. WE WERE HERE TO EAT MAFFAKKA!!



Now let me get down to business here. The food is downright delicious at this place. And trust me, it isn’t that bad on the cleanliness front. The plates, forks and spoons are just fine (look, just don’t turn around when the dudes wiping the dishes). I’ve been eating there about once a week, for the past 4 months now, maybe more, and i’ve never fallen ill once eating there. Moreover, we’ve tried almost everything on the menu, and we’ve come up with the following ground rules –

  • Don’t order any dish with the word ‘papper’ in it. Cause they throw in about a kilo of full pepper seeds. Your eating experience will be like walking through a minefield
  • Do NOT order any pork gravy dish. The pieces of pork are actually long slimy pieces of pork fat, which just seems to be doused in batter and fried. If you like long slimy fat, go ahead, have it.
  • Whatever you do, don’t look near the kitchen

While I might’ve sounded almost harsh in the opening few paragraphs, going on about child labor and raggedy ass cloth wiping, it really isn’t that bad. Anyone who’s ok with street food can eat here. Anyone who likes meat, will love this place. Anyone who loves junky chinese food, and LOTS of it, will come here more than twice. Let me make something very clear. I generally eat quite a lot, and when my friends and I go to Chef, we have a hard time finishing what we order. The quantities are pretty damn large. Even half plates are good for two people. Fried rice and noodles are about 55 to 70 bucks a plate (veg). Here’s what I recommend eating here:

  • Chicken or mutton with sliced vegetables
  • Shredded chicken in hot garlic sauce
  • American chop suey
  • Pork chilly dry (heaven)
  • Double fried pork (chewy heaven)
  • veg or chicken noodles (really tasty stuff)
  • pork steam momos (ask for momo soup with it)
  • chilly chicken dry

If you live near Arjun Nagar, Humayunpur, or Safdarjung Enclave, and the food sounds good to you, give these guys a call and you’ll have your food delivered asap. This place is dirt cheap, and really really good at what they do. I recommend the non veg stuff here more than any other place in Delhi.


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  1. This is my favourite review of them all. I was laughing so hard I was literally in tears. It brought back some amazing memories too.

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