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First things first, let’s go over the foundation of what my page is going to be about when it comes to fitness. I’m not fit. I’m trying to get there. I struggle with all the regular Joe problems. You name it. Binge eating, junk eating, sleeping late, quitting gym after a while and feeling too lazy to get back to it, getting injured, growing fat, etc. I’m not going to preach from atop a Greek God’s physique stage and tell you how to get washboard abs and feel like you’re worth it. We’re all going through the same struggle, to better ourselves and try to take the initial step towards getting a body that we’re comfortable with. This is both a mental and physical process, where that all important connection between mind and muscle is of predominant importance.

I have been hitting the gym for quite some time now (on and off) so my body shows some signs of muscle growth and definition. I’ve trained under a professional trainer and nutritionist where I’ve dropped nearly 10 kilos in four months of rigorous dieting and weight training and cardio. I was in the best physical shape ever after those fourth months. I did find it to be rather hard to stay that disciplined with the military like approach and strictness towards timings, water intake, supplementation, sleep, and training. Every day was like bootcamp and the changes I saw in my body kept me going for those four months with quite some dedication. The progress I saw on a weekly basis motivated me even further to overcome my previous gains and move towards the light. I shaved four inches off my waist and my muscular gains were significant. However, as you all know, when do you anything drastic or too far away from the routine, or the norm, you tend to have adverse effects. It’s not easy maintaining that sort of diet or routine, especially when your work compels you to stretch hours or have client meetings and court hearings where you simply cannot eat your grilled chicken and vegetables and sip water to meet your targets on a daily basis. I haven’t even started on the supplementation timings and requirements yet either. It felt like you simply had to create an extra few hours a day just to prep your food, measure your supplements, sort and pack them all out and then go about your day.

So after my four months transformation, bouncing back a solid 6 kilos, exploring a fitness routine outside the gym and the supplementation, joining another gym and working out again, I’m finding my bearings in this whole chaotic affair. However, I’ve learned and experienced a substantial bit when it comes to weight training, eating, hydrating, supplementing, and exercising both for weight loss as well as muscle gain. That’s what I’d like to try and impart through the articles on my site. And perhaps to help some of you guys who are looking to achieve and surpass similar goals.

A picture I’ve used on my social networking profiles to showcase my 4 month transformation was this:


What I can, therefore tell you for sure, is how I went about that change. The muscle foundation that I’ve laid from going through this 4 month process, as well as from my earlier gym days, has helped me train more or less with some purpose and knowledge in the gym as well as outdoor environments. My shoulders, arms, and strength levels, increased to decent levels for my height and frame. I will try to segregate the articles into different sections to be a little more clear to the readers. There will also be articles and friendly interviews with people I know both locally and in different cities with the ways in which they train, the goals they have, and their fitness mantras. Keep reading!


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