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Gundu and Kai are doing great (sans the daily routine of two poops on the floor by Gundu). Both have had their vaccination shots and Kai has had her anti-rabies shot. Gundu didn’t get his yet because he had some irritation in his large intestine, which after an x-ray proved to be bits of gravel/litter sand that was causing him to poop bloody stools. There were no other symptoms, he was eating, playing, sleeping etc. like he always does, but his poop was liquidy and bloody, with a bit of a gelatinous gloop about it. A quick visit to their vet and an x-ray later, Gundu was on some antibiotics, some easy to digest medical food, and a fiber supplement. He was cured in pretty much a day and was pooping A-okay the very next day.

We take them to Allvet clinic, which is in Banjara Hills (Behind the Harley Davidson showroom) and we’re quite happy with the place and their vet, Dr. Jasleen. She’s been great with them since day 1 and even though the prices are higher than a Government veterinarian hospital (obviously since it’s private), we choose to take them both there for their regular checkups since they’re friendly and gentle with them as well as informative and helpful in every way.

Here’s some progress pics:

They’ve pretty much torn our expensive two seater sofa on all it’s edges. As soon as we noticed them going for it, we bought them a large scratching post, but yeah, you know how it goes with cats. Once they’ve set their eyes on something, it’s theirs. They wake up, stretch their bodies both outwards and inwards, then stroll up to the sofa coolly ignoring warning cries from both my wife and I, and casually unleash hell on the poor sofa with their claws. Here’s one such corner of our poor tattered sofa.

I’m not really sure how to save it anymore. We’ve decided to see if they both cool down a bit once they’ve been neutered, but I suppose these are just normal behavioral tendencies of these felines. The scratching post we got them is this one from Amazon:

They have a fun time with the scratching post too, but they haven’t given up on the sofa yet. Plus they’ve also destroyed two lamps in the house. One in the living room and one in the bed room. I suppose these are all small prices to pay for the overall cat experience extravaganza. Their spaying is scheduled for day after tomorrow, i.e. Saturday the 25th of August. Hoping everything goes well.


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