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Note: This review is from a time when I lived in Delhi (from 2003 till 2013).  It may be permanently closed now. Read only for readings sake.

I decided to give Nine 75 a second chance since a couple of my friends insisted I should. Apparently my first review didn’t do it justice. Being the open minded buffoon that I am, I agreed. Any cheap food is cheap food! So down UB 21 food street I walked, the same old restaurants, smells, sights, and sounds. There was a new addition to the street, a kabab place that sounded extremely Jama Masjid like. I’ll review it the first time I eat there.

We entered Nine 75 again, my skeptical helmet on and my sarcasm gun loaded. However, this review I’m afraid, I will keep civil. I’m not going to rip the place apart for little mistakes. This is a second chance, and a good one.

My friend and I ordered two milkshakes, the super cliche UB 21 food street dish ‘Crispy Chilli Potatos’, a pasta in arrabiata sauce, a non-veg lasagne, and a dish called spanish chicken which was finished the last time we tried to order it. The order times are erratic, by which I mean it’s not constant for any dish. The waiter brings round any dish thats finished. Maybe it’s just me, but I like starters served together, before the main course. What happens here is, a starter is sometimes served with one dish from the main course, and by the time we finish the starter, the main dish is cold, and the second main dish arrives while we’re eating the first main dish. It’s erratic. Ok down to the actual food itself. The spanish chicken is served with a tangy tomato sauce. The dish on the whole was tasty, but it was our bad luck that the pieces were quite chewy and tough. Now if it were mutton, that might’ve been believable since there are very few places that actually serve tender, fresh and soft mutton in Delhi. But this wasn’t mutton, this was chicken. Chicken in my opinion, was given a free ticket to be called non-vegetarian. Chicken bribed the non-veg authority and got itself labelled as a meat. I mean, you can cook chicken for about 30 seconds and eat it, and it’ll still be soft and well done if it’s fresh. The reason I’m talking so much about chicken is cause it’s pretty shitty if a place serves you tough chewy chicken. You feel horribly let down. Fine, bad day, bad luck I guess, onto the other dishes.

Crispy chilli potatos is a dish that’s pretty much served in any eatery on UB 21 food street. It’s like french fries on Indian made steroids. While most restaurants I’ve tried it in make it extremely similiar, ol’ Nine 75 didn’t step in line. And boy, they really were’nt kidding when they said crispy CHILLI potatos. 2 minutes into the dish and my friend and I were crying rivers. We looked like we’d just lost a close friend in a tragic accident and we’d come to Nine 75 to celebrate by eating crispy chilli potatos. Every mucous layer in my oesophagus went on strike and flew south for the winter, my stomach lining filed a petition for a future ucler construction site and my lower intestine converted to Christianity and prayed to the Lord for forgiveness for the sin it was about to commit. My mouth was numb by the time I finished that dish, and this is where we move aptly onto the milkshakes.

At a time like this, where your taste buds have undergone a full napalm strike, at times when one feels like he’s swallowed a beaker of concentrated nitric acid, milkshakes are like the Inquisition. The thick choco oreo milkshake with icecream went charging down my throat, casting the fiery demons that plagued it into the depths of hell where they belonged (I’m on a roll here haha!). The shake was delicious. If you go to Nine 75, make sure you have the choco oreo shake with ice cream. Now onto the pasta and the lasagne.

Both were made well, the sauces were thick, and the lasagne was good too. For below a 100 Rupees each, both dishes were winners. I might’ve said this before, but Nine 75’s prices are very impressive. The food might’ve been very spicy, but then again, who doesn’t like spicy food? I wish they’d not gone so rambo with the chilli powder bottle, but hey, it was fun.

So to summarize, the milkshakes are a solid thirst quencher, especially in hot weather, pastas and lasagne are done well, and crispy chilli potatos are to be tried at your own risk!

Have fun everyone!

PS: That part where I said I’d keep the review civil? I lied!


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