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As they grow, the kittens leave in their wake, a path of destruction and cat hair. The first week or so, we were unsure of whether we could even continue to keep them as my allergies went through the roof. My close friend in Delhi, Bodhi, told me that his wife went through the same ordeal with their three kittens initially, but over time, the allergies subsided and that now she can actually breathe freely.

The Allergies

The usual ones for me are constant sneezing, itchy watery eyes, some more sneezing, leaky nose, and a scratchy throat. My doctor recommended that I take an anti allergen called Allegra. Instead I went to the pharmacy and just said “gimme anti allergen, any antihistamine.” I ended up getting Okacet which is a Cetirizine tablet. The good news is it took care of the allergies. The bad news is, I nearly fell asleep at the wheel driving back from the chemist. “That’s why I said Allegra, Ranjan. It’s non drowsy” said my Doc when I complained to him on the phone. Allegra it is then.

The antihistamine tablets took care of the allergies for a day, maybe two. But overall they just completely went away. I can now proudly deliver ten thousand kisses on my kittens faces without nearly dying. You could get a lint roller, which is a pretty cool piece of kit for getting rid of cat hair from pretty much every surface in the house. The Scotch Brite roller from Amazon did the job nicely. You can get it here:

Roll it lightly on frequently used places such as your seating areas, pillows and bedsheets (if you allow your cats to go on there).

Pee and Poop

Now here’s the fun bit. Gundu doesn’t like pooping in his litter box. Both Kai and Gundu were litter trained when we got them (thank you Anitha), but we were forewarned that Gundu had a habit of pooping on the floor outside the litter box. This continued to happen at home as well and we tried quite a few methods to make him poop in the litter. We made sure the litter was cleaned twice a day, there was enough litter in the box at all times, and we even tried three or four different types of litter sand. We’ve tried picking him up and putting him in the litter as he’s pooping on the floor and then rewarding him with a treat. We’ve tried picking up the poop and plopping it in the litter for him to sniff and associate with the pooping spot. We’ve tried different litter boxes. Nothing works. We’re now used to picking up his poop at least once a day from next to the litter.

We have four different litter boxes around the house, they’re all pretty much open and large, and we even took the lids off the covered litter box models.

We got these two litter boxes:


The other two are generic large china bazaar trays.

We’ve tried unscented Pet Pattern bentonite litter, Pura lavender scented litter, and Intersand Cat Exclusive (please see my Kitten Care 101 post for more information on where to get these). Kai doesn’t seem to change her habits with anything. She always pees and poops in the box, and always covers it up. Gundu on the other hand, manages to pee every time in the litter and covers it, but always poops outside the box. He digs the floor before going and then poops on the floor. He then proceeds to dig the floor around the poop trying to cover it up. If we pick him up while he’s pooping and plop him into the litter box, he doesn’t cover his poop. Ah heck. Not sure how to fix this one. Any inputs would be very welcome.

Here they are at 3 months old:


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