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Autumn Leaf Cafe (ALC) has been in Hyderabad for a couple of years now, and I’ve been going there since it opened. From starting off as a place that was finding it’s feet with managing orders and providing timely service, it has matured into the best outdoor garden seating restaurant Hyderabad has to offer for […]

I’d been here once with some friends earlier. We were hungover after a late night out and felt like a good strong English breakfast. Long story short, the breakfast was terrible here to the extent that they didn’t even have fresh fruit juice. Just the canned stuff. Moving on, another friend of mine who’s a […]

My Fiance (now my dear wife) and I, hereinafter referred to as the Love of My Life or LOML for short, felt like trying some place new in Hyderabad for a meal. Our minds did the usual scan of the area we live in, i.e. Banjara Hills and decided it had to be one of […]

The Viceroy Hotel, as it was previously known, has always held a special place in my heart and memory dating back from the old days in Hyderabad. An impressive quality hotel looking over the great Tank Bund. The Bund didn’t reek back then as it does now, so the Viceroy was even more appealing. The […]

They say the Garden restaurant hasn’t changed since its inception in 1942 and boy they were right. The dingiest of interiors greets you drearily as you hesitate to step in with a loved one, an elderly family member, or in a worst case scenario, your girlfriend. Dodgy looking men squint up at you as you […]