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Introduction – Pros and cons of having cats My wife and I definitely wanted kittens since we couldn’t leave a dog puppy at home while we were both at work or out. A lot of our friends have kittens and cats and after all our research, the pros of having cats as pets are as […]

The idea of neutering your pets never found a comfortable place in my conscience for various reasons. I’d like to think I’ve thought it through for myself and come to a conclusion as to why it’s okay to do it. I’ve also seen that the majority of pet parents, animal organizations, and activists, all seem […]

Gundu and Kai are doing great (sans the daily routine of two poops on the floor by Gundu). Both have had their vaccination shots and Kai has had her anti-rabies shot. Gundu didn’t get his yet because he had some irritation in his large intestine, which after an x-ray proved to be bits of gravel/litter […]

As they grow, the kittens leave in their wake, a path of destruction and cat hair. The first week or so, we were unsure of whether we could even continue to keep them as my allergies went through the roof. My close friend in Delhi, Bodhi, told me that his wife went through the same […]

My wife and I’d been contemplating getting kittens for a while now. We aren’t the pet buying kind so the only other natural route was to pick them up off the street or to adopt. Facebook is riddled with animal welfare and adoption groups and it wasn’t hard finding them through friend’s who’d already adopted […]