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-MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT- My Premise I felt that this film was released amidst a lot of extraneous fanfare in the country, which included substantial political and religious strife (mostly politically induced) and hype. I am not a fan of politics, nor am I a fan of communalism, religious extremism, religion in general, and most importantly, […]

Disclaimer – The views in this short story are purely my own. I do not intend to offend anyone. Any resemblance to any person or thing is based on fact and isn’t intended to cause harm or disrepute. Most of the following recollections are accurate, but I have spiced things up purely for the sake of […]

When I was in Hyderabad, my friend had this “World’s best glue board” mouse trap set in his house behind the TV. The graphic on the trap packaging was pretty funny. It read “No killing, no smell, no hassel”: I chuckled at: Irresistable peanut butter (Mice have high standards these days, whatever happened to cheese?) […]

Our family driver, Minhaj is a simple, humorous, guy. He is a family man with two young daughters in school and a son who’s now in college. He’s very decent with no professional shortcomings apart from his quintessentially Hyderabadi nature. By this I mean of course that he’s pretty chill and laid back in most […]

I was out with Payal on the drive that I do (usually alone), the airport expressway, the Outer Ring Road, then home via Gatchibowli, Hitech City, Jubilee Hills, etc. We were on the airport elevated expressway, viz. the P.V. Narasimha Rao Expressway doing a cool 80 kmph, having a chat, when I noticed the car […]