Welcome to my personal blog and website. There are sections for my gym and fitness experience, the life of our kittens, restaurant reviews, short stories, and more!

I’m a practising civil and criminal lawyer here in Hyderabad, India. I’m married, enthusiastic about food, writing, working out, cars, and bringing up my cats.

Check out the fitness section.

Fitness is a life long journey that you experience and learn from on various levels. Unless you actually go through it, no amount of reading and research will help. 

My fitness page explores various aspects of indoor and outdoor training from perspectives that I have experienced personally as well as interviews and columns from friends in Hyderabad and elsewhere who are working with their bodies just like you and me. 

They are professional trainers and nutritionists, qualified athletes, martial arts experts, or just people out there who work with their bodies to reach new levels of fitness and maintain themselves to stay fit and healthy. 

Gundu and Kai

We have two wonderful (when I say wonderful I mean destructive, naughty, and evil) cats. Read about how we found them and brought them home. I have also tried to prepare a basic set of guidelines if you are looking to adopt Indian stray kittens like we did.